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Pervez Mody - Konzertpianist - Scriabin-


Concert Pianist

Out on February 07!

CTH2672_Cover_Pervez Mody plays Scriabin Vol. 7.jpg

The project was funded by a grant from the Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

A. Scriabin - Allegro de concert, op18 - Allegro con fuocoPervez Mody
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"Pervez Mody is not just a pianist, but a musician and wonderful artist." 

(El Norte - Argentinien)

"A flying virtuoso and expressive artist with a broad repertoire, whos recordings for the Label THOROFON belong to the finest Scriabin-Interpreters of our time.."


Pervez Mody at the WeLive-Festival - a corona music festival without audience, but filmed with ten cameras! 

The WeLive festival produced by "punchline studio" is hosted by "Lahrer Rockwerstatt e. V." and broadcasted live on Facebook.


The complete concert film with compositions by Alexander Scriabin and Frédéric Chopin can now be watched here!

A classical concert on a rock stage - with light effects and dark, mystical atmosphere:


Besides the complete recording of Alexander Scriabin, Pervez Mody is also active in the piano-violin duo "Duo Appassionata". 

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