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Scriabin-Interpretor from India

The repertoire of Pervez Mody consists of pieces from baroque to modernity.

Pervez Mody is especially known for his Scriabin-interpretation, He currently records the complete work of Alexander Scriabin, which will contain about nine CD's

Besides his solo-programm he also regularly performs with orchestras and his duo-partner Isabel Steinbach (Violin). Click here for more info on the "Duo Appassionata"


Other works on request
In addition Pervez Mody has a big Repertoire of own virtuoso trancriptions.

Repertoire for chamber music and accompaniment
With interest we will send a list with the great repertoire for chamber Music, for piano Duos, the "Duo Appassionata" with the violinist Isabel Steinbach and song  accompaniment with Delna Mody.

Among others, are to corresponding anniversary years of Composer programmes available.
Pervez Mody also presents various composers cycles or periods, as well as thematic programs at country, landscapes, nations, etc.

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